Solar Steam Generator

This project is based on design, development, performance characteristics and direct investigation of solar parabolic dish concentrating system. The performance of the concentrator is experimentally investigated with the water circulated as heat transfer fluid. The system is fabricated with highly reflective glass mirrors. The experimental setup is placed in open, and the tests were carried out. The collector’s efficiency was noted.
The results are encouraging to provide the data for developing hot water for rural application. The concentrated heat is absorbed by a receiver which is made up of a steel vessel fixed on the focus point. The experimental results are taken on summer and cloud free days. The results were measured 85¤c with conversion efficiency of 70%-80%. The main objective of this project is to analyse the intensity of solar radiation on the energy absorbing surface. The parabolic reflector which is in shape of circular parabolic is used to collect or project energy. If the angle of incidence to the inner surface of the collector equals the angle of reflection, then any incoming ray that is parallel to the axis of dish will be reflected to the central point or focus.




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