Stair Climbing Robot

It is very difficult for the normal robot to move upstairs as they are in lack of balance they may fall down easily. In order to overcome this problem, here we designed and fabricated a stair climbing robot which can adapt to any surface and will move in that way without any interruption. This machine stimulates motion of a robot so we call it as stair climbing robot.
AC Motor , Tri-lobe Wheel, Gear, supporting wheel are the main parts of robot. AC motor is mounted on a platform and a gear arrangement is coupled to the motor. The pinion gear is mounted to a rotating shaft. The special type of wheel is mounted on the shaft of the AC motor. As the motor rotates the power is transmitted through the rotating shaft to the wheels hence the Tri-lobe wheel moves. The Tri-lobe wheel uses its peculiar type of wheels to move and locomote even in the irregular surfaces.




  1. simple but powerful...................

  2. Hi,
    I was wondering if you could give me the details of the ac motor you have used. I'm finding it difficult to find the ac motor of such a low rpm, for my project.
    You could get back to me on

    1. Hey! If you got the details of the ac motor, would you please share it with us. We are working on a similar project and would appreciate a little help.

      thanks so much!

  3. How much weight can this robot carry? I'm looking for a simular robot to help my grandmother carry her groceries up 3 flights of stairs.

  4. 87.9 tonnes to be specific

  5. plz tell me about motor ...rpm...battery volt

  6. how to make the trilobe wheel if the step height is 8 cm

  7. i have to prepare it for competition


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