Clothes from used plastic

We buys & throws, result Environment pollution. The biggest challenge we are facing by this is the proper disposal of plastic materials. Plastic wastes lead to many kind of Environmental pollution. Recycling of the plastic is the only solution that we can do in reducing plastic waste.
First plastics were recycled & reused mainly in the manufacturing of water tanks, vessel handles, razor handles, egg trays etc. Recently as a part of new technology plastics are being recycled and reused in cloth making. Mainly sports wears, T-shirts, Shoes are made using this technique. Pet bottles (Polietilentereftalato) are used in making these products. Six steps are mainly included in this process. Lets see more details about the process.

Steps Involved in the Process

  1. Mineral water bottles, cola bottles, beverage bottles are made of Polietilentereftalato these are collected & separated according to color (White, blue etc.).
  2. Collected bottles are cleaned thoroughly. All foreign materials are removed during cleaning. After cleaning bottles are crushed well & converted into flux.
  3. Flux is heated under certain temperature & property of plastic is changed according to our need. During this process plastic flux is converted into liquid form.
  4. Heated flux is converted in the form of thread.
  5. Using thread fabrics are produced.
  6. From fabrics various types of clothes are produces as final product.



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