Facebook messenger very soon to kill phone number

First contacting someone else was difficult, after that we started to send mails & letters. As the technology started growing Phone & emails started helping us to communicate & era of mail & letters become memory. Now we have a variety of resources to contact friends & family & instant messengers are our first choice now. Now David Marcus Facebook VP of Messaging Products posted on fb newsroom that soon phone number will be replaced by Facebook messenger.

After going standalone in 2014 Facebook is introducing revolutionary changes in its Facebook messenger now it’s possible to text, video chat, send & receive money & much more. Facebook messenger is improving day by day & according to David Marcus “SMS and texting came to the fore in the time of flip phones. Now, many of us can do so much more on our phones; we went from just making phone calls and sending basic text-only messages to having computers in our pockets. And just like the flip phone is disappearing, old communication styles are disappearing too. With Messenger, we offer all the things that made texting so popular, but also so much more. Yes, you can send text messages, but you can also send stickers, photos, videos, voice clips, GIFs, your location, and money to people. You can make video and voice calls while at the same time not needing to know someone’s phone number. You don’t need to have a Facebook account to use Messenger anymore, and it’s also a cross platform experience – so you can pick up where you left off whether you’re on a desktop computer, a tablet, or your phone.”

It’s possible that people will start using instant messengers instead of phone number. The main advantage of this you don’t have to know the phone number to contact others. But behind all this its look like Facebook wants people to depend only Facebook. Facebook always wanted to be synonym of internet. Now we have to wait to see whether all these plans of Facebook are going work or not.


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