Kodak bringing past with future, revealed new Super 8 movie camera at CES

1965 Kodak introduced first Super 8 MM movie camera. Still that time 35 MM & 16 MM was used as movie camera. Introduction of Super 8 movie camera revolutionized the entire film industry. Until 1980 Kodak introduced upgraded version of the camera. It lasted until the arrival of digital technology & Kodak lost its fortune in camera industry.

All I mentioned above is past & now talking about the present, Kodak reviled new prototype of Super 8 MM camera at CES. It’s interesting that Kodak reviled new prototype on the 50th anniversary of first Super 8 MM camera. & it is the first new Super 8 film camera in over 30 years.

The new Super 8 MM camera combines analog & digital features, Means like the ancestors of Super 8 this camera will also record on cartridges that each hold 50 ft of celluloid film. Sound will be recorded into SD card using a plug in mic. A 3.5 inch LCD view finder is with camera. After using cartridges users have to ship it to Kodak for processing, after processing & converting to digital video Kodak will mail back it to the user. Digital video file will be protected by password & Kodak is also offering cloud services for users to retrieve the video file.

The new Kodak Super 8 MM camera is designed by famous industrial designer Yves Behar. Body is made of metal & available in two colours midnight black and bone china. It can shoot frames of 9, 12, 18, 24 and 25 fps & Kodak is also offering the ability to swap the lenses.

Now we have to wait to see whether Kodak will regain its lost kingdom.

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