Man ordered Amazon kindle but receives Human tumour

James Potten a Bristol - England native was expecting his Amazon Kindle which he ordered when he handed package from FedEX, But actually what he got was patient tumour specimen which was destined for the Royal Free Hospital London.

This news became viral when the 37 year Potten tweeted about this. He got surprised when he saw box written patient tumour specimen enclosed. As it was written on the box he didn’t opened the box. ‘The tracking code on the item had the same first five and last three numbers as my order but it wasn't my Kindle. I haven't opened the sealed box, which says exempt patient tissue, as it doesn't belong to me.’ he said to the BBC.

Now as per reports The Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust expects the delivery company to contact all the institutions at the Royal Free Hospital site to establish the identity of the intended recipient.


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