Run Android on any PC using new Remix OS by Jide

Ever wanted to run Android apps in your PC? Yes I get it was already possible using Emulators. But now the good news is Jide had introduced a Remix OS for PC, Which will allow you to run Android in your PC.

First Android was only compactable with ARM processor architecture, Then Android x86 project developed android for x86 architecture version of Android which can be run on Pc’s. But it has its own limitations. The main disadvantage was smartphone interface is entirely different from PC’s. in this stage the new Remix OS getting its importance.

Jide, the same company by former Google employees which came up with Android based personal computer ‘Mini’ is behind the new OS. First remix OS was introduced for the Mini, now it’s out with upgraded PC configurations. & Jide is offering the OS free of charge to anyone who wants to run Android on PC.
The new OS is the forked version of Android Lollipop which can run on any x86 computers. You just have to download the OS & you can run it on your PC using a Fat 32 flash drive with minimum of 8GB. Now Remix OS based on lollipop is out, soon we can expect Marshmallow based one.

Minimum System Requirements

  • A USB 3.0 flash drive that supports FAT32 format, with a minimum capacity of 8GB and a recommended writing speed of 20MB/s.
  • A PC with USB legacy boot option.

You can run this OS on any PC with USB legacy boot option, after the use you can carry it in your pocket. According to Jide website "With Remix OS for PC, you can also conveniently house Remix OS on a USB stick. That means you can literally bring your Remix experience wherever you go. With most computers in the world powered by x86 chipsets, you should have no trouble finding."

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